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There are so many great companies in our industry but very few add the word BODYBOARDING  to their name or logo. 

GONE BODYBOARDING shirts and accessories are for those who want to tell the world loudly 

We are not all the 1% of the market that companies seem to be always advertising to, we are the 99% that keep the industry alive we are the ones that buy the boards, run the clubs, bodyboard with our family, seek the solo sessions and share the passion with our friends.

Our specialty is in Limited Edition and custom (mainly) BLACK T-shirts.

Why mainly black? Because everyone has that black T -shirt in their drawers, cupboard or floordrobe, that favourite black T-shirt we throw on to run down and check the surf, dash out to run errands or for a casual catch up with friends at the pub.

GONE BODYBOARDING's T-shirt designs will change regularly and all designs are available in men's and women's Tees. We do not mass produce, making every design special and collectible.


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February 18, 2020

OK... The video attached has a tour and my thoughts on The URBN Surf park... (watch the Vid first and the review below will make more sense)
BUT... In review

This place is a lot of fun and is a lot like the ocean in some ways but not ot...

September 11, 2018

Last month the guy who is leading and guiding us in this en devour of GONE bodyboarding, Hutch, went to Indonesia and stayed with the Crew at Bali Bodyboarding. They scored some amazing waves and had an epic time. Hutch said on his retur...

May 27, 2018

At Gone we believe that we have a duty to keep our beaches and oceans clear of rubbish. So, a few of our close friends and family got together to join the Surfrider Foundation to do a beach clean and survey of micro plastics at 13th Beac...

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