The Gone Ambassadors have been chosen because they represent different parts of the bodyboarding community. Some are competitor, some are sole/solo surfers and some are total beginners. Our Ambassadors are of a wide range of ages but all carry equal amounts of froth.


Our Ambassadors have been chosen because we believe they represent the best parts of our sport, the love, the froth and the values that Gone Bodyboarding wants from our ambassadors and those who we want to represent our sport.

Sally Wells

4 years of competition
3x Victorian Women's State Champion
1x Victorian Triple Crown Series winner

Equal 5th 2018 Australian Bodyboard titles

Beau Jameson

First year of competition
1x Victorian Men's State Champion

1x Victorian Triple Crown Series winner


Paul Morgan

30+ years of bodyboarding
20+ years in and out of the competition circuit

Father of one


Putera Bagus Putu

10+ years of Bodyboarding
6+ years of competing
Has designed some of the greatest logos in the Bodyboarding Industry
Cameraman extraordinaire 


Michael Castaldini


15 years bodyboarding

3 Years of Competing

Father of one
Know to most as BEEZ

Beez 6.png

Melissa Fitzwilliam



In charge of her Partner,Daughter and Step Sons

Bodyboarding for 2 Years 

1 x Victorian State Title

Bio: My passion has fast become the Ocean and Bodyboarding, While only having been involved in the sport for a short amount of time I am blessed to spend time in the water daily.  I am lucky to live in Torquay so I get to surf big waves and great breaks !


Justin Kirkpatrick


Age: 46

Family Members: My Lady Melissa and our crew, Stella, Kai and Tao.

Bodyboarding for 35 Years, 50/50 DK/Prone.

Current Australian Grand Masters Champion and 3rd in DK 2018. Multiple Australian Titles and Professional Bodyboarding Successes .

Bio: I never surf alone, the Ocean is my Home, my Peace and my Passion, She is always with me. I’m that guy that everyone knows will be out there. Years of competing and running clubs in Sydney, my latest mission is to get super fit and chase a DK world title next year. A surf Nomad I have lived my life guided by waves setting life up where they are, mastering the local perfection and then moving on to the next challenge. I am a Local at many places and slave to none. You’ll find me sharing the stoke, calling people in regardless of their craft and chasing perfection between Queensland, Victoria and Indonesia with every spare cent. Respect the Ocean like you would your Mother and you’ll go ok.