Cleaning up our oceans

At Gone we believe that we have a duty to keep our beaches and oceans clear of rubbish. So, a few of our close friends and family got together to join the Surfrider Foundation to do a beach clean and survey of micro plastics at 13th Beach, Victoria, Australia...the results are sadly as expected...micro plastics/nurdles/cigarette butts etc are prevalent along many sections of 13th Beach high tide marks...the size of this stuff is so small you can easily see our our marine life are ingesting this rubbish, poisoning our food chain and marine environment and ultimately us...ocean pollution is clearly here on our doorstep. Lets all keep in mind to take any rubbish we find from our beaches. The day wasn't all work and civic duty, some of the crew managed to sneak in a few small waves at a well hidden reef break just to top off a day at the beach

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