OK... The video attached has a tour and my thoughts on The URBN Surf park... (watch the Vid first and the review below will make more sense) BUT... In review This place is a lot of fun and is a lot like the ocean in some ways but not other. It's quite weird, the water moves more slowly then the ocean but produces similar power.

You will certainly need more than one session to start to really dial the place in... But i think by a second session you'd have it pretty much nailed ( on one side or the other)

The Left and Right break completely different to each other and I would probably just stick to one side if you are only doing 2 session on a visit...stick to your strengths You certainly don't want a board that is too stiff. You can certainly do Rolls, Flips, Spins and CuttiesTo all those crew going on about BEAST MODE.... Surf it first then decide. I will guarantee without a couple of session in advanced mode you would waste your session trying to figure out how everything works or even how the wave breaks normally. All in all it was a lot of fun and i will certainly go back, I wouldn't need a membership as I surf in the ocean a couple of times a week but this place would be great to break up a flat spell, long term crappy winds or if i could only get time for a surf at night because of work....I will happily admit i have been a massive skeptic of these wave parks and have tried to pick them a part at many opportunities but I am happy to say it exceeded my expectations....(Thanks Chris Watson for filming those 2 waves at the end of the clip)Cheers HuTcH

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